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My Experience

Print | Email | Social | Video | Photograph | Campaign Direction | Production | Team Leadership 

Creative Direction / Content Creation

Areas of Experience: Creative Direction | Art Direction | Branding | Photo Direction | Content Creation | Production | Trade Show videos and designs

Areas of Business: Retail | B2B | Finance | Animal Care/Veterinary/Farm | Non-Profit 

With 25+ years of award winning experience, I have the necessary tools to help you grow. From a complete rebrand, product and corporate photography, leading a team to creating a stunning and effective marketing campaign that is unique and on-brand. Michael Schuetze Design and Photography will take you from being just a face in the crowd to who the crowd wants to be associated with.

Digital Marketing

Keeping your email from ending up in the virtual waste basket is my goal. By creating visually impactful and content rich email campaigns, you're almost guaranteed to get clicks. I truly enjoy the challenge of creating a beautiful email. One that isn't going to be like your competitor. One that will make the person on the other end WANT to click through to your product or event page.

Social media is that "NOW" moment that I love to embrace. It is the channel that gives you a direct communication and response method to keep your message fresh, as well as learn what the target is thinking and wanting. 


Any logical design and marketing plan MUST be cohesive. My overall goal is to provide a plan that always keeps that ideology in mind. If one part of your campaign or design doesn't match the other, or speak in the way that the rest do, it won't be as effective. 

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